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We believe better communication between school staff, parents and their communities, increase the likelihood that children will be successful in school. The School Communications Agency significantly contributes to this effort by building relationships between local businesses, schools, and parents through the interactive newsletter and mobile app communication tools.


What We Offer

Electronic School NewslettersWe do everything from start to finish on the newsletters and mobile apps. We provide a format that allows parents/staff to read the newsletter on their smart phones and tablets.  We produce the interactive newsletter with your information and all at NO cost to your school!  We  provide you with tools that help you communicate with your parents and community. With our newsletters you will see less calls to the front desk and more attendance at events.   On the website banner ads we work with you to decide where the ads will go, how much the advertisers will invest and how we can make this a win/win for everyone.

For the newsletters your school will provide us with a contact person who gathers information (words/pictures, etc) in a MS Word document and from there we do the rest! We produce the newsletters, sell advertising into it to pay for the program and give the schools a percentage of the ad sales.

Mobile apps are becoming something every school needs, we provide an amazing app at no charge to you. The app can do anything including sending out notifications on snow days, you can have parents register student absence or just post pictures of those amazing kids. We set it up and find a sponsor to pay for the app. The sponsor logo will appear on the opening of the app which is fantastic for a local realtor, etc.


What's Our Goal

Our mission is to help schools, school districts and organizations by improving their communication to their parents, members and their communities with our interactive newsletters, mobile apps and website advertising.



What We Create


What Others Are Saying

Advertising in the school newsletters was an effective way to reach parents that may not have health insurance for their children. We received much more of a response from this method of advertising than from billboards, bus shelter advertisements, attending community events, etc. Joe was a pleasure to work with and made the whole process very easy.

– I hope to advertise again next school year!



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